The Culture Of The Europeans: From 1800 To The Present

Lying in Early Modern English Culture: From the Oath of Supremacy to the Oath of Allegiance

Culture and Society in Ireland Since 1750: Essays in Honour of Gearoid O Tuathaigh

Freedom - Treason - Revolution: Uncollected Sources of the Political and Legal Culture of the London Treason Trials (1794) (Britannia Texts in ... from Early Modern Times to the Present)

Religion and Political Culture: From the Glorious Revolution to the Decline of Empire

From Nineveh to New York: The Strange Story of the Assyrian Reliefs in the Metropolitan Museum and the Hidden Masterpiece at Canford School

Crime Fiction since 1800: Detection, Death, Diversity

Solar Dance: Van Gogh, Forgery, and the Eclipse of Certainty

19th Century Germany: Politics, Culture and Society, 1780-1918

The French Experience from Republic to Monarchy, 1793-1824: New Dawns in Politics, Knowledge and Culture

The Female Malady: Women, Madness and English Culture, 1830-1980

The Culture of the Europeans: From 1800 to the Present

The City in Central Europe: Culture and Society from 1800 to the Present

The Culture of the Europeans (Text Only Edition)

The German Myth of the East

Dutch Culture in a European Perspective: 1800, blueprints for a national community

Peasant Economy, Culture, and Politics of European Russia, 1800-1921

Nationalising and Denationalising European Border Regions, 1800–2000

A History of Italian Colonialism, 1860–1907

Popularizing National Pasts

A History of Italian Colonialism, 1860–1907

Dutch Culture in a European Perspective: Accounting for the past, 1650-2000

The European Nobility, 1400-1800

The Cambridge Companion to the French Novel

Popularizing Science and Technology in the European Periphery, 1800–2000

The European and American University Since 1800

The European Culture Area

Religion and religious institutions in the European economy, 1000-1800

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