Lady S. - Tome 1 - ADN

Lady S. - Tome 10 - ADN

Bibliotheca historico-naturalis, physico-chemica et mathematica ...

Dictionary of Obsolete and Provincial English

A Dictionary of the English and German, and the German and English Language: German and English

The ingenious and diverting letters of the Lady's ----- travels into Spain

The New Lady's Magazine, Or, Polite and Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex

the ladys magazine or entretaing companion for the fair sex


A Lady’s Man

The Lady's magazine (and museum). Improved ser., enlarged

The Lady's magazine: or, Entertaining companion for the fair sex

Bent's Literary Advertiser and Register of Engravings, Works on the Fine Arts

The Royal lady's magazine, and archives of the court of St. James's

Blackwood's Lady's Magazine and Gazette of the Fashionable World, Or, St. James's Court-register of Belles Lettres, Fine Arts, Music, Drama, Fashions, &c

The Lady's Magazine